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Agile Software Tools

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Agile Software Tools

Screenshot Proplan Multi-Projektmanagement-Software
Proplan Logo

Our multi-project management solution PROPLAN makes the collaboration in teams faster and easier. Today, over 70 major international companies rely on our tool.

It enables comprehensive project planning, provides comparability and a unique methodology for standardizing process structures. Parallel work processes can be optimally coordinated and synchronized. And because we want PROPLAN to be fun, we have designed it to be user-friendly and suitable for everyday use.

PROCOSTOMER Software Feature Image
Procostomer Logo

How you satisfy your costumer.

PRODATABROKER Software Feature Image

Make your data flow.

PROWORKFLOW Software Feature Image
Proworkflow Logo

Enhance collaboration processes.

Screenshot Jira Software
JiraSoftware Logo

Agile project management of large projects. 

Jira software is designed to enable all members of your team to agilely plan, and track tasks in a project. Teams can find ready-to-use Scrum Boards and Kanban Boards. Boards provide an insight into team efforts and the status of individual task items.

Screenshot Confluence Wissensmanagement Software
Confluence Software Logo

Manage the knowledge of the team in the best possible way.

Store information, find it easily, track history, and work on content at the same time. A shared team space is an invaluable asset for efficient teams. Confluence handles these tasks without complex and error-prone techniques such as group drives or document management systems.

Screenshot Slack Software
Slack Software Logo

Slack brings the team together wherever the members are.

Fast team communication, to clarify questions without disturbing. Schnelle. With all your communications and tools in one central location, even remote teams stay productive.

Screenshot Aufgabenverwaltun Trello
Slack Software Logo

Intuitive and efficient task scheduling for smaller projects.

Trello is structured according to the Kanban-board-principle and facilitates goal-oriented and clear collaboration. With Trello, they act with a fast and self-explanatory variant for team members to make planning, organization and prioritization phases transparent and comprehensible.