The enterprise-solution for multiprojects. By leveraging principles of standardization, simplicity, and a hybrid of old and new ways of working.

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Multi-project management tool - simple & intuitive

Multi-project management

You have a large number of projects to coordinate with each other – we have the right tool for you.

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Standardization in project business

Standards are a key lever to achieve learning at scale in project-based businesses. Using PROPLAN brings standards into your projects in a very effective way, making sure the performance of your project portfolio becomes better in continuous steps.

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Integrates X-functional, X-hierarchy

PROPLAN helps to integrate all functional roles and hierarchy levels necessary into one digital platform. Hence it is built as a multi-purpose tool, with a clear concept of how information is aggregated and shared between the various stakeholders. Even customers and suppliers can login to PROPLAN, to get information relevant to them.

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Hybrid of old & new way of working

PROPLAN has a unique methodological basis, and its makers origin from consulting, industry, and software domains. We build on elements from old ways of working (e.g. stage gates), and combine this with new ways of working (agile, mobile) leading to best of both world results.

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our multiproject tool

Using our out of the box version, you can immediately start managing your projects using PROPLAN. Or, we can adapt the features to your specific needs, adjust to your corporate identity, integrate with other IT systems, and support implementation in your organization.

Enable project teams to perform

The unique methodology of PROPLAN allows you to provide an action-oriented template containing best practices to all your projects in a very effective manner. Companies often struggle on how to scale knowledge and guidelines in project organizations. Unwanted and unused process or project manuals are a typical symptom. PROPLAN solves this problem!

The process-map is a central element of PROPLAN. It is a template, which can be adapted to every project based on parameters in order to scale best practices and learnings!

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Create a consistent single source of truth

A typical problem in project businesses is asymmetry of information about projects, frequently leading to wrong or no collective action to achieve project objectives. The larger and more decentralized the organization is, the worse this gets from our experience. PROPLAN solves this problem, by creating a consistent single source of truth.

One of the views to ensure the single source principle is the management summary. It consolidates key performance indicators as an objective measure, but also gives the team room for their interpretation and guidance.

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Get insights without the reporting hassle

One of the key benefits from working agile is the focus on output and reduced management overhead. PROPLAN incorporates a similar principle, by creating insights from the information used in the system without asking teams to repeat this information for reporting purposes.

A pitfall with dashboards is if they are not built on real data. PROPLAN uses data out of the projects and aggregates it into a meaningful and action-oriented way. We do this both on the portfolio as well as the individual project level.

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Use Cases

Maximum project transparency.

Maximum project performance.

Trusted by customers of various industries, sizes, countries to increase project portfolio transparency & performance.


PROPLAN is being used for all types, sizes and roles in the construction industry.

Clients use PROPLAN to manage civil engineering, tunneling, residential & development projects ranging from several thousand Euro up to 3-digit multi-million euro large capital projects. Also, PROPLAN helps to deploy and integrate HSEQ, LEAN, and BIM into the working routines of every project.

If you are an architect, you can just as much benefit from PROPLAN as a multi-national construction company or an investor.



PROPLAN combines stage gate and agile approaches for management of R&D projects!

The methodological basis of PROPLAN promotes simultaneous engineering, and clearly shifts the operating mode of teams from a functional to a process & results oriented mindset. PROPLAN helps teams find a common way of working all the way from ideation to ramp-up into series production.

The involvement of functional roles (e.g. production, procurement) is clearly defined in advance, reducing the risk of working in silos.



PROPLAN is ideal to quickly establish a powerful digital PMO (project management office).

Use the process-map feature to create a standardized framework for all projects to be managed by the PMO. Then, deploy the process-map to individual projects, allowing the teams to customize within defined boundaries.

Within only a few days, the teams can then establish routines to assess the projects progress and status, while keeping information comparable via the standardized reporting formats. Provide a real-time capable infrastructure to the project teams, and concentrate more on the contents!

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A key challenge for equipment manufacturers is to manage phase-in activities in a reliable and transparent way.

With PROPLAN we can connect the engineering teams from equipment manufacturers with their field teams, as well as integrate the client side and other stakeholders (e.g. other suppliers for factory ramp-ups).

This way, all parties are synchronized towards the common goal of a successful phase-in, and can spend more time on planning and solving issues instead of information collection and reporting.

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Consulting companies increasingly require digital solutions as part of their portfolio.

PROPLAN can be used as such a digital solution, e.g. for PMO or process improvement projects in R&D. Also, PROPLAN helps consultants enable their clients in applying lean & agile methodologies.

We work with consultancies both in reseller, but also in exclusive partnership models including a feature set unique to those consultancies.

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The flexibility of POPLAN allows it to be used also in creative environments such as media productions.

Such projects are characterized by an on-demand organization involving multiple (external) individuals and organizations,

with the need to get into a productive and structured working mode as quickly as possible but without the need for excessive training.

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Reinhard Bassenge, Head of department Deutsches Rundfunktarchiv

"Anyone who has to coordinate a large number, possibly even hundreds of projects in the company, who has to pool and conserve scarce resources, needs high-performance multi-project management (MPM) software. Pronux has given us important impulses in this way with its profound practical knowledge.“

Reinhard Bassenge
Head of department Deutsches Rundfunktarchiv

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