Our software solutions have exactly one goal: your success. With proximity to our customers and 18 years of tool expertise, we make your work faster and easier. From innovation to support, we are by your side in every phase.

We focus on harmonious cooperation, we want to create benefits, offer reliability, and we work solution-oriented.

Welcome to PRONUX GmbH. Our drive? To support companies in their digital change processes with methodically structured, agile and easy-to-use project management software for even greater success. The foundation for our tools and solutions is experience, a desire for innovation and deep-rooted entrepreneurial values.

It is particularly important to us to deliver meaningful tools for success and real added value for people. PRONUX solutions should be a pleasure to use, and our customers should be able to work with them smoothly and happily. This is exactly why we give maximum priority to user-friendliness and suitability for everyday use. PRONUX harmonizes the collaboration of many different stakeholders and the makes the world a little bit more beautiful. 

PRONUX has been on the market since 2002. In that year, Norbert Moser and Alexander Baier founded PRONUX GmbH together. We are pleased that during the past (almost) 20 years our approach to dealing with complex requirements has been able to convince 70 SME and corporate customers such as Porsche, ARD, Thyssen-Krupp of our quality. The fact that we are continuously growing – for this we would like to thank not only our customers but above all our employees. 

Their outstanding expertise makes PRONUX a success.


Harmonious cooperation, forming benefits, reliability, solution orientation, authenticity, competence.

Over 70 internationally operating enterprises use PRONUX-Software solutions.

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Pronux GmbH supports social institutions and organizations all over the world.

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We take social responsibility. 

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Sponsored child of Pronux GmbH.

Follow our lead  - a request that seems a bit strange in the IT industry, but this is about making the world a little bit better: Our sponsored child Juan-Salomon is a now 15-year-old boy from Bolivia who, like many other children in South America, is growing up in poverty.

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Trees for a better world. 

It all started with a school project - today Plant-for-the-Planet is a global movement with one big goal: to plant trees all over the world to fight the climate crisis..

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Technologie that inspires. 

Formula Student is an international design competition for students. Formula Student was launched in the USA in 1981. There are now 12 competitions worldwide, with more than 800 teams competing with their self-built racing cars.

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Climate Partner

With superfood to climate neutrality.

Pronux is an official Climate Partner and is committed to protecting the rainforest - with support for the "Ecomapuá" project at the mouth of the Brazilian Amazon. This project not only prohibits the commercial logging of the forest there, but also creates an alternative source of income for the local families - for example, through trade in the açaí fruit, which is known as a superfood. Pronux offsets its own CO2 emissions with the partnership and thus achieves climate neutrality status.